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Save the Brave Offshore serves as the cornerstone of our veteran outreach initiatives, offering unparalleled angling opportunities for veterans without any financial burden. Our program revolves around the fundamental belief of Save The Brave: that genuine healing from PTS comes not from pills or prescriptions, but from the shared camaraderie and experiences of fellow veterans on the water.

Through strategic partnerships with local offshore captains, guides, charters, and outfitters, we facilitate transformative experiences on the open ocean. Veterans have the chance to reel in offshore and inshore game fish like Yellowtail, Dorado, and Tuna, fostering a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie in the process. Operating from renowned offshore fishing hubs such as San Diego, Huntington Beach, and South Padre Island in Texas, we aim to provide veterans with the therapeutic benefits of Saltwater Therapy, believing it to be the most potent medicine for healing and restoration.


Salt therapy takes on a unique form for veterans through the peaceful art of fishing. Beyond the thrill of the catch, fishing serves as a powerful medium for veterans to connect with nature, find inner peace, and build meaningful relationships.

On the tranquil waters, veterans find solace and camaraderie as they cast their lines alongside fellow servicemen and women. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, fishing provides a sanctuary where veterans can escape stressors and reflect on their experiences in a supportive environment.

Moreover, the rhythmic motion of casting and reeling in a catch offers a therapeutic outlet for veterans, allowing them to release tension and find clarity of mind. Whether casting from shore or out on a boat, the serenity of the water and the camaraderie of fellow anglers create a sense of belonging and purpose.

In essence, fishing serves as more than just a recreational activity—it’s a form of salt therapy that nourishes the soul, strengthens bonds, and saves lives. By embracing the healing power of nature, we can honor the service of our veterans while providing them with the support and solace they deserve.

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