Ride for the Brave

Our Annual Motorcycle Ride Across the U.S. to Benefit STB

Raising awareness for veteran suicide one mile at a time

Ride with us from coast to coast, or from one city to the next. If you aren't a rider, or have friends who want to meet-up with us, catch us at our R4TB fundraiser each evening. Each day we ride about 150-400 miles and the fundraisers are always at fun spots in the neighborhood. 

Riders are encouraged fundraise with Funraise.
All participants who donate $50 or get $50 in donations receive a swag bag with a R4B T-shirt and patch.
To get more information about R4TB fundraisers and to RSVP, please go the Events Page.


Here's the 2022 itinerary:

*note Fundraiser start times are the arrival times

Day 1: Friday, July 22

Temecula, CA 8am departure

Tuscon, AZ 4:30pm arrival

Fundraiser: 1912 Brewing

Day 2: Saturday, July 23

Tuscon, AZ 9am departure

El Paso, TX 4:00pm arrival

Fundraiser: Blazing Tree Brewery

Day 3: Sunday, July 24

El Paso, TX 9am departure

Odessa, TX 2pm arrival

Fundraiser: American Legion

Day 4: Monday, July 25

Odessa, TX 9am departure

Bartonville, TX 6pm arrival

Fundraiser: Marty B's Place

Day 5: Tuesday, July 26

Bartonville, TX 9am departure

Houston, TX 2:30pm arrival

Fundraiser: St. Arnold's Brewing Co

Day 6: Wednesday, July 27

Houston, TX 9am departure

New Orleans, LA 4pm arrival

Fundraiser: Second Line Brewing

Day 7: Thursday, July 28

New Orleans, LA 9am departure

Alabaster, AL 3:30pm arrival

Fundraiser: Silurian Brewing Co

Day 8: Friday, July 29

Alabaster, AL 10am departure

Fairburn, GA 3:30pm arrival

Fundraiser: Cochran Mills Brewery

Party Spot: Cochran Mills Brewery

Day 9: Saturday, July 30

Fairburn, GA 9am departure

Charleston, SC 3:15pm arrival

Fundraiser: Palmetto Brewing Co


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