Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) aka PTSD can occur after you have been through a traumatic event. A traumatic event is something terrible and scary that you see, hear about, or that happens to you, like:

  • Combat exposure
  • Child sexual or physical abuse
  • Terrorist attack
  • Sexual or physical assault
  • Serious accidents, like a car wreck
  • Natural disasters, like a fire, tornado, hurricane, flood, or earthquake

There are many ways PTS can impact your life and sometimes these symptoms surface months or even years after the events or returning from deployment.They may also come and go and if these problems won’t go away or are getting worse and if you feel like they are disrupting your daily life you may have PTS.


  1. Having nightmares, vivid memories or flashbacks of the events.
  2. Feeling extremely cut off from others.
  3. Feeling numb or loosing interest in things you use to care  about.
  4. Becoming depressed.
  5. Feeling anxious, jittery and irritated.
  6. Feeling your always in danger.
  7. Experiencing a sense of panic that something bad is about to happen.
  8. Difficulty sleeping.
  9. Trouble keeping mind on one thing, focused.
  10. Hard time relating to and getting along with spouse, family or friends.
  11. Over drinking or use of drugs to numb your feelings and pain.
  12. Consider hurting yourself or others.
  13. Pull away from others, people and become isolated.
  14. Sudden noises make you jump.

If you have experienced severe trauma or a life threatening event you may develop these symptoms of combat stress. You may of witnessed people being injured or dying or you may have been physically harmed yourself.These are just some of the things that occur and there are many more based on the individual. PTS effects Veterans at different levels and although counseling and medication are used first there is no cure for the disorder only a level of understanding that will or won’t help you live a suitable life.

If you have information you would like to add to our website that will benefit PTS victims, please contact us!  We are here to support each other.

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