“Ride For The Brave” With Major Scott A. Huesing

RIDE FOR THE BRAVE | I am not content to sit around on my ass any longer so I have to do something. I’m taking off on July 13th and I’m asking close friends to share this on their social media to support & give. 

Major Scott A. Huesing USMC (Ret), the Bestselling Author of Echo in Ramadi is riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle across the country and back (4,600 mi) for Save the Brave (STB) to raise awareness for Veteran Suicide. Huesing (50), the Executive Director of Save the Brave (501c3) is going to ride in honor of his high school friend and fellow veteran, David W. White (48), who died from alcohol poisoning on Sunday, June 7, 2020, in Butte, MT. Huesing will ride from Temecula, California to Inman, South Carolina where Whites’ memorial will take place.

Along the way, Huesing will make several stops to ask supporters to donate to STB and ride along with him on his journey to raise awareness for veteran suicide – emphasizing that these are not statistics anymore, they are friends and sons and brothers that we all know.

Although the Corona Virus is on everyone’s mind, Huesing reminds us that other causes and issues like veteran suicide still remain. Veterans dealing with depression, alcohol abuse, and PTSD are especially impacted by the isolation this pandemic has caused in many cases.

This is a unique opportunity to stay connected as veterans and community while maintaining social distancing and supporting a worthwhile charity.

Who: Major Scott A. Huesing USMC (Ret), Bestselling Author – Echo in Ramadi
What: Ride for the Brave – Raising Awareness for Veteran Suicide One Mile at a Time
When: 13 July 2020 to 29 July 2020
Where: California to South Carolina
Why: Veteran Suicide Awareness
How: Round-trip, Cross Country motorcycle ride – 2007 HD Road King Custom

Save The Brave“Ride For The Brave” With Major Scott A. Huesing