Repower For The Brave

Want to join me in making a difference? I’m raising money to benefit Save the Brave, specifically to reach a goal to purchase a new outboard marine engine to repower our 21ft Center Console that was donated to us. This will enable us to continue our mission of taking Disabled Veterans out on the ocean fishing. But it’s not just about fishing. It’s about reconnecting and healing.

For those of us who spend time on the water
we all know the healing properties of the sea. It’s where a lot of us reconnect and recenter ourselves and find peace. At Save The Brave have felt this healing and we have seen it in the Vets we have taken out on the water. The peace and change that the ocean brings to Vets struggling with various physical and emotional stressors isn’t comparable to anything that you can be prescribed. We talk about the feeling of hooking your first fish, “The Tug is The Drug” is what we say. It truly is a drug that leads to so many to healing. It helps Vets find their own Refuge In The Sea. We ask that you help us lead our brothers in finding their own healing.

Save The BraveRepower For The Brave
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