About Us

Mission: To Connect Veterans Through Outreach Programs To Build Strength Of Character.

Save the Brave (STB) is a certified, one hundred percent, nonprofit organization devoted to provide camaraderie and stress management programs.  STB is committed to establishing connectivity of the mind, body, and spirit by creating solid support networks that are entirely accessible to all Veterans in need.  Through diverse outreach programs and financial assistance, STB provides a safe and comfortable space for Veterans to connect with each other, share stories, struggles, and accomplishments to heal the wounds that go largely unseen. Our philosophy is simple.  There is no pill, no prescription and no vaccination that can cure the effects of PTS better than connecting with fellow Veterans through shared experiences.  Our strength comes through connection. 

“I was going through a tough time after I came back from war. I was out of touch with my brothers. I became isolated. I drank too much. I was headed in the wrong direction and I knew it.  When I heard the words “Save the Brave” in a song something clicked, and I knew I had to do something.  If it wasn’t for Save the Brave driving me to help other veterans and forcing me to connect, I truly think I would be dead – I knew I didn’t want to become another statistic.  Founding this organization has given me purpose. A sense of caring and belonging all at once. After seeing so many people were willing to take care of me, I knew my mission was to start taking care of my own.” 
- Corporal Nicholas Velez

There is no easy way to talk about suicide.  It is never easy. But this is the reason we came together at Save the Brave.  After we lost our first Marine and brother to suicide, we started STB - just 5 months later we lost another friend who took his life. Our mission was clear.


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